Shahabi Date

The maximum height of the Shahabi date is 16 meters and the diameter of this tree varies from 35 to 75 centimeters. Its leaf length varies from 3 meters and 80 centimeters to 4 meters and 5 centimeters. The color of its fruit is green, yellow, brown, and dark brown in the stages of Kimmeri, Kharak, fresh date, and Dates, respectively. The texture of the fruit of this variety is hard in the Kimmeri and Kharak stages and becomes soft in the moist stage and somewhat hard in the date stage. The width of this date varies between 17 and 24 mm, and the weight of the Shahabi date is between 9.8 and 14 grams. The weight of the kernel on this date is between 1.09 and 1.51 grams. Compared to Kabkab and Zahedi dates, this date has a longer length.

Relieve fatigue and pain

Potassium is also very useful for relieving fatigue and muscle pain, especially after hard sports exercises.


Among the other healing properties of Shahabi date is that it has a lot of iron, which is recommended for anemia.

Treatment of osteoporosis

The calcium in the shahabi dates is very high and is good for the bones.


This date has many antioxidants that are very useful to prevent the growth of cancer cells.

Cool tempers

The nature of this date is warm and very suitable for people with the nature of the dam.

Weight Loss

The sugar in this product is fructose, which not only does not cause blood sugar but is also effective for weight gain.

Facilitate digestion

Shahabi date is rich in fiber, which is why people who have digestive problems should include it in their food basket.


Shahabi dates have many vitamins, including vitamin C, B1, B2, etc. which are suitable for treating vitamin deficiency.

The shape and appearance of the shahabi date

A distinctive feature of this date compared to Kabkab and Zahedi dates, which are the main production of Bushehr province, is the bigger kernel of Shahabi dates compared to Kabkab and Zahedi dates. The color of this date is brownish to black and the color of its spine is yellow.

Healing properties of meteorite dates

For people who have special diets and want to know the amount of sugar in this product and be able to adjust their meal plan based on it, information about the sugar of this date has been given.

The amount of glucose in this date is between 16 and 67% of the weight of the Fruit fresh weight. The value for fructose in this product is between 0 and 49% and for sucrose, it is between 0 and 16%.

Meteor date cultivation areas

This product’s highest production is in Bushehr province, especially in Dashtestan city. Out of 150 thousand tons of date production in Bushehr province, 20 thousand tons are related to meteorite dates. Most of the cultivation of this date variety in Bushehr province is related to Barazjan city. Barazjan city is the center of Dashtestan city.

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